Álvarez Fernández

International Projection

Noemi Álvarez Fernández | MSc. BSc.

Project Technician, Boscalia Technologies
PhD-researcher, CRETUS-EcoPast (GI-1553), USC
ORCID: 0000-0003-2690-4051
WOS ID: GNO-9485-2022


2018 - now

PhD - Environmental and Natural Resources | CRETUS - EcoPast (USC)

  • Study of the relation between mercury and human populations through skeleton remains.
  • Key words: mercury, pollution, paleoenvironment, human health, osteoarchaeology.
  • Laboratory Techniques: DMA, XRF, FTIR-ATR, Core-Scanner, bone bioapatite and collagen extraction.
  • Supervirsors: Olalla López Costas and Antonio Martínez Cortizas.
  • Research stay: Malin Kylander (Stockholms Universitet).
  • Read more about the project.

2017 - 2018

MSc - Bioinformatics and Biostatistics (UOC/UB)

  • MSc thesis: Machine Learning and predictive models in forensic anthropology.
    Supervisors: Xavier Jordana Comin and David Merino Arraz.
    (Available at: UOC)
  • Practicum: Spectroscopic data pre-processing software - Web prototype.
    Supervisors: Antonio Martínez Cortizas and David Merino Arranz.

2013 - 2017

BSc - Biology (USC)

  • BSc alumni committee.
  • SICUE (UB).
  • BSc thesis: Spectroscopic characterisation (FTIR-ATR) of Posidonia sp. mat sediments from Garden Island (Australia).
    Supervisor: Antonio Martínez Cortizas.
  • Curricular Practicum: Human remains study.
    Supervisors: Maria Eulàlia Surbirà i de Galdàcano (UAB).
  • Extra-curricular Practicum: Archaeological sediment characterisation.
    Supervisors: Olalla López Costas and Antonio Martínez Cortizas (EcoPast).


2022 - now

Project Technician | Boscalia Technoligies

  • SATree | About the Project
    Statistical Modelling and Coding | Python
    Supervisor of the collaborating entity: external academic practices (URJC)
  • IoFT
    HORIZONT2022 Project propousal: draft and final version.

Reviewer | Scientific Reports

Reviewer | Journal of Chemometrics


Web Managment | EcoPast

2020 - 2021

Pre-doctoral researcher | EcoPast (USC)

  • Archaeological bone and soil/sediments chemical characterisation and statistical data analysis.
  • Olalla López Costas.
  • Noemi Álvarez–Fernández, Antonio Martínez Cortizas, Zaira García–López, Olalla López–Costas (2021) Approaching mercury distribution in burial environment using PLS-R modelling. Scientific reports.
  • Zaira García-López, Antonio Martínez Cortizas, Noemi Álvarez–Fernández, Olalla López-Costas (2022) Understanding Necrosol pedogenetical processes in post-Roman burials developed on dunes sands. Scientifc reports.
  • Noemi Álvarez–Fernández, Antonio Martínez Cortizas, Olalla López–Costas (2022) Structural equation modelling of mercury intra-skeletal variability on archaeological human remains. Science of The Total Environment.

Article Colab. | EcoPast (USC)

  • Antonio Martínez Cortizas, Jenny K Sjöström, Eleonor E Ryberg, Malin E Kylander, Joeri Kaal, Olalla López-Costas, Noemi Álvarez–Fernández, Richard Bindler (2021) 9000 years of changes in peat organic matter composition in Store Mosse (Sweden) traced using FTIR-ATR. Boreas. https://doi-org/10.1111/bor.12527

Co-Supervisor BSc thesis | EcoPast (USC)

  • Spectroscopic study of mummified human remains.
  • Co-supervising with Olalla López Costas and Antonio Martínez Cortizas.

2018 - 2020

Pre-doctoral researcher | EcoPast (USC)

  • Archaeological bone chemical characterisation: (i) metal content, (ii) elemental composition, (iii) isotopic characterisation
  • Olalla López Costas.
  • Olalla López–Costas, Malin Kylander, Nadine Mattielli, Noemi Álvarez–Fernández, Marta Pérez–Rodríguez, Tim Mighall, Richard Bindler, Antonio Martínez Cortizas (2020) Human bones tell the story of atmospheric mercury and lead exposure at the edge of Roman World. Science of The Total Environment.
  • Noemi Álvarez–Fernández, Antonio Martínez Cortizas, Olalla López–Costas (2020) Atmospheric mercury pollution deciphered through archaeological bones. Journal of Archaeological Science.

Laboratory teaching assistance | (USC)

  • Necropolis and Human Remains.
  • Olalla López Costas in "Máster en Arqueoloxía e Ciencias da Antigüedade".

Supervisor of the collaborating entity | EcoPast (USC)

  • External Academic Practices.
  • Archaeological human bones study.

Laboratory teaching assistance | EcoPast (USC)

  • Summer camp Bio-archaeology.
  • Archaeological human bones study.

R package: andurinha | EcoPast Colab.


Technical Research Support | EcoPast (USC)

  • Archaeological human bones and associated sediments study and treatment.
  • Olalla López Costas, project "Galicien Paleodiet".
  • Olalla López Costas and Anta de Moura, S.L., project "Estudo dos sedimentos asociados ós recipientes globulares atopados no castro de Toralla".

2016 - 2017

Co-author | Rizzoli Libri S.P.A.

  • Trinidad Fernández González, Noemi Álvarez Fernández, Elena Zanon (2018) ¡Y ahora en ESPAÑOL 1! Rizzolli libri S.p.A.
  • Trinidad Fernández González, Noemi Álvarez Fernández, Elena Zanon (2018) ¡Y ahora en ESPAÑOL 2! Rizzolli libri S.p.A.
  • Trinidad Fernández González, Noemi Álvarez Fernández, Elena Zanon (2018) ¡Y ahora en ESPAÑOL 3! Rizzolli libri S.p.A.


Co-author | Zanichelli editore S.P.A.

  • Trinidad Fernández González, Laura Carolo Fonte, Noemi Álvarez Fernández (2016) ¡Consigue el DELE! B2-Avanzado. Zanichelli editore S.p.A.



QGIS: intermediate. (Imasgal - FUNDAE)

  • Advanced edition tools.
  • Spatial information georeferenciation.
  • Digital elevation model analysis.
  • SAGA tools.
  • Raster calculator.
  • LASTools: working with LIDAR.
  • The modeler: automation of geoprocesses.
  • Graphics: symbolisation by diagrams and the complement 'dataploty'.
  • Creation of dynamic atlases.
  • Publish geographic information on the web QGIS CLOUD.

QGIS: beginner. (Imasgal - FUNDAE)

  • Introduction to geographical information systems (GIS).
  • Introduction to QGIS.
  • Data and geographical information.
  • Geographical information managment.
  • Create and edit geographical information.
  • Create and edit alphanumeric information.
  • The toolbox: geographical data processing.
  • Generate cartography.

Analysis and visualisation of spatial data with R. (EDIUS - USC)

2021 - 2022

Innovation and Artificial Iteligence. (Akademia - Fundación Innova Bankinter)


Google IT Support. (Google - Coursera)

  • Basic aspects of technical assistance.
  • The bits and bytes of informatics networks.
  • Operative Systems and you: become and advanced user.
  • Systems administration and infraestructure services in IT.
  • Informatic security: defense against digital dark arts.


Data Science and Machine Learning: from regression to neural networks. (EDIUS - USC)

Si te dedicas a la Ciencia ¡Divulgala!. (Universidad de Oviedo)


Data Bases Use and Managment. (EDIUS - USC)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS/QUANTUM). (EDIUS - USC)

Patents as element of strategic value. (EDIUS - USC)

Stress and time managment during the PhD. (EDIUS - USC)

Scientific writing in Forensic Sciences. (EDIUS - USC)


X-ray Fluorescence (XRF). (Unidade de raios X - Fluorescencia de Raios X, RIAIDT - USC)

Grants and Awards

2020 - 2021

ERASMUS+ | Research stay (4 months) in the Stockholms Universitet (Sweden).


Compostela Debate Club (USC) | 1st prize of the III Internal League.

2012 - 2014

MEC | Becas y ayudas a alumnos de niveles postobligatorios. Universitarios.



Galician | Native
Spanish | Native
English   | C1

Laboratory + Field Techniques

FTIR-ATR spectroscopy
X-ray fluorescence (XRF)
Direct Mercury Analyser (DMA)
Russian corer (peat sampling)
Soil/sediment characterisation
Bone bioapatite and collagen extraction
Archaeological excavation indoors

Computer Sciences

Statistics: R, Python
Programming: R, Python
Web development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
Text editors: LaTex, Markdown
Maps: R, Python, QGIS
Repositories: Git
S.O.: Unix


EcoPast (GI-1553), Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, 15782, Spain.


+34 672 617 442